How To – Play Theme Hospital Natively on Ubuntu Linux

theme-hospital-linuxThanks to a project named CorsixTH we can play the classic PC version of Theme Hospital Naively on Ubuntu or any Linux distro for that matter quite easily, and yes without using Wine! The People behind this amazing work have developed an open source implementation of the original game engine and have even created new game maps some of which can be found on the CorsixTH forums. Yes this has been around for a few years already but there’s still a lot of people out there who have never heard of this project before and I think its time they knew, so as usual we have created a very simple step by step guide on how you can get Theme Hospital running natively on Ubuntu 12.04 to 14.04.

To be able to run the game you do need access to the game files either from the original disc or digital download from a site such as, an alternative would be to download the demo which is also good for testing purposes and you can find here

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How To – Install Netflix Natively on Ubuntu 14.04 Linux

netflix-on-linuxCurrently the only way to use Netflix on Ubuntu or any Linux distro is buy using Wine and Pipelight to replace Silverlight. Granted it does work but for most users this is a lot of hassle not everyone knows how to use and setup Wine correctly. Recently though Google Chrome has been updated to include support for Netflix within the browser, we can use this feature and change our browser user agent to get it working on Linux and save the hassle of installing Wine and Pipelight.

If you are using Ubuntu 14.04 and older or an Ubuntu based distro you may need to use an updated version of libnss3, libnss3-1d and libnss3-nssdb. If not you can skip this step, but don’t worry if you do we will show you how to install these below. **Warning** Installing Packages newer than your current system my break other packages or cause issues, keep this in mind before you continue…

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Android L Announced! Already ported to the Nexus 4

nexus-4-android-lJust over two weeks after being officially announced by Google at the I/O conference the android community has already managed to get a near enough fully working Android L port to the Nexus 4. Yes there are some bugs which is to be expected but its great to see that support for the nexus 4 is still going strong. Android L is the next instalment of Google’s Android operating system for smart phones and tablets, some people have also come to believe that ‘L’ stands for lollipop which would also keep it in the tradition of Androids well known naming theme.

Some of the new features which have been announced for Android L have been listed below.

  • A new user interface based on what Google calls “a material design” which give more advanced user feedback.
  • New popup notifications to allow you to stay in your current app (Although I think this feature has been around for a while in some custom ROM’s).
  • More authentication options with the use of Android smart watches which allows you to unlock your phone with other devices.
  • 64bit processor support and vastly improved PC like graphics with OpenGL ES 3.1 and the Android Extension Pack which Google say “will bring PC-level graphics to mobile devices”.
  • More battery life! with Google’s Project Volta which can detect when your device is low on power and reduce consumption accordingly as well as providing more power saving features.
  • Improved audio with lower latency and resampling rates with support for USB audio.
  • A new camera API provides more features for developers and the ability to save images in their RAW format with no post processing by the device.
  • Androids Dalvik is being replaced by ART, Google’s new Android Runtime which improves the speed of application startup time and optimisation but requires more install time and space for each app.
  • Support for the new Bluetooth 4.1 specification.

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Home Automation With Android Smartwatch

Armando Ferreira is back with another home automation video, this time he is using his Smartwatch to complete simple tasks in his home. Up until now I didn’t really see the point in a Smartwatch, they seemed like more of a gimmick than being a practical device I would use everyday but this video has completely changed my outlook. I’m now very excited to see what the future holds for Android Wear.

My favorite thing is how he gets a notification on his Smartwatch when certain windows and doors are opened, having the upper hand when an intruder breaks in can make all the difference. I will definitely be purchasing one soon, will you?

Grim Fandango Coming To Linux

A few weeks ago, at Sony’s E3 conference, we found out that the remastered version of Grim Fandango was coming ‘exclusively ‘ to PS4 and PS Vita. What Sony forgot to mention is that it’s only a console exclusive and it will be released on other platforms.

The guys over at Double Fine Productions have just announced on Twitter that it will also be available on PC, Mac and Linux.

Although I’m not a big fan, It’s great to see more games coming to Linux.

Ubuntu Based Distro “Deepin 2014″ Released

The first stable release of Deepin 2014 is now available to download. Deepin 2014 is based off Ubuntu 14.04 LTS and has it’s own custom desktop environment written in HTML 5, it also comes with its own set of custom apps developed by the Deepin Team, including it’s own software centre. The custom desktop environment that comes with Deepin 2014 is not an exclusive, it will be available for some other distros soon including Manjaro which is currently in alpha stage.

deepin linux 2014 desktop


If you decide to give this new distro a whirl don’t install the proprietary drivers if you use an Nvidia GPU. The proprietary drivers are not currently supported in Deepin 2014 and installing them will break the OS, unfortunately this means users will have to install the open source drivers which aren’t the best for gaming or using Steam.

Minimum Requirements

  • Intel Pentium IV 2GHz processor
  • 1GB memory (RAM), or 2GB memory (RAM) for best performance
  • 10 GB disk space/storage




Manjaro Alpha Preview Thread

How To – Finally fix visual tearing on Xubuntu & other Ubuntu based distros

no-more-tearingAfter years of trying to solve this issue myself and never being able to fully fix it using numerous methods, I have finally come across a fix that seems to remove visual tearing for good from video playback (yes in flash also!) and even makes browsing on Firefox a lot smoother.

Compton is a compositor originally forked from xcompmgr-dana, it is lightweight unlike others out there such as compiz and easy to install without much hassle. It is also still being actively developed which should hopefully mean any bugs will be fixed and maybe more features will be added in the future.

To install Compton first add the PPA provided by one of the developers:

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Ubuntu MATE Remix Alpha 1 Released

If you’re an old school Ubuntu user you will be pleased to hear about the first public alpha release of Ubuntu MATE Remix which uses the MATE desktop environment (duh!). The MATE desktop environment is a fork of the highly praised Gnome 2 which sadly stopped being developed in September 2010 and was soon replaced by Unity and Gnome 3 (Gnome Shell).


The Ubuntu MATE Remix team has some exciting objectives and have managed to pull off some pretty impressive minimum requirements.
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How To – Quickest way to make a bootable Linux USB drive

dd-post-imageThere is plenty of options around these days to make a bootable USB drive on Linux including the official Ubuntu USB creator and Unetbootin, but even these don’t work 100% of the time and can still cause confusion with new users. There is however another option called ‘dd’ and yes it is used through the command line but its a simple one line command and on most distributions their is no need to even install it.

Here’s a simple tutorial on how to get started with ‘dd’ in Ubuntu 14.04, but this can also be used on any Linux distro such Arch, Debian, or openSUSE.

So you’ve got a USB drive you want to install Linux Mint to for example and you have already got the latest ISO file from the official website, next you want to plug it in and find out what it is mounted as on your system. Make sure you don’t have any other USB drives plugged in to help keep things simple and the drive your using doesn’t have any data you want to keep on it. Next open the terminal and simply type in:… Read More

Best Linux distros 2014

We are half way through 2014 and the Linux community/ecosystem has already made huge strides forward since last year. Probably one of the biggest developments for the average user has been valve bringing steam to Linux along with numerous developers and announcing this week that over 500 games have now been added to the steam store. Even for non gamers the hardware and software improvements resulting from this has been huge, and it continues to bring more users over as well as showing that there is a market out there for gaming on Linux.

So what distro’s have been pushing the open source desktop with new features, innovations and improvements so far this year?

Pinguy OS 14.04

Official website:

pinguy os desktopThis is probably one the most user friendly distro’s out there. It comes with all the most commonly used applications, codec’s and plugin’s pre-installed. Not just for the operating system itself but also for Firefox and even gnome-shell which is used as the default desktop environment. This means you get none of the hassle from having to install codec’s and plugin’s just to play your videos or music files. All of the applications and system tweaks that a lot of users would usually add straight after a fresh install are already there too. The team involved have also done a really nice job of theming Pinguy OS which makes it not just nice to look at but user friendly as well, this comes from the use of Docky providing an applications dock bar at the bottom of the screen and also all of your home folders in a dock bar on the left. There’s a nice Conky setup for the desktop too which shows everything from your network usage and speed to the system uptime and weather forecast. Oh and did i mention that Pinguy OS is based on the latest Ubuntu releases, this means a massive amount of software is available to you (if what you had already wasn’t enough) and support from the Ubuntu community isn’t far away either…. Read More